Men and women have significantly different bodies and the difference is even bigger when you are in the fitness hub i.e. gym. Therefore, women have different issues related to exercising especially in the gym. This article suggests some useful tips that are especially for women who are facing some issues that are unknown to men. So, check out these tips come solutions to women’s problems in the gym.

Wear Appropriate Workout Gear

It is always suggested to wear comfortable workout gear that best suits the kind of exercise you are going to do in the gym. Tank tops are the most comfortable choice for most of the exercises. Most importantly, never miss to wear your sports bra as it would be quite embarrassing and painful for you. So rather than squeezing your breasts using your arms and not concentrating on the exercise would be even worse. It’s better to tell the reason to your trainer and take an off. Also, wear hand grips on the day when you are going to lift weights. A comfortable pair of shoes is fundamental for cardio exercise so buy an expensive one which can last for a longer time.

Be Careful About Different Positions

You should be confident in the gym even if you’re far away from your ideal physique. After all, you’re in the gym to meet your fitness goals and you must be happy that you are actually trying to achieve those goals. If you’re overweight, don’t be worried and embrace it and for that, you should avoid doing exercises that reveal more of you. For example, do not do deadlift in the middle of the gym where everyone can look at your butt positioned in front of them. Never stop doing deadlift, just be confident and do it at the corner of the gym where you get no attention. Also, you can do deadlift by facing the gym while keeping your back towards the wall. Always wear comfortable workout clothes, as they increase your confidence level as well.

Be More Conscious When Pregnant

Needless to say, you have to be very careful in the gym when you’re pregnant. It takes great courage to continue the gym during pregnancy, so you should try to make it more beneficial. You are allowed to skip exercises that you feel you are not comfortable with. Sometimes, some repetitions of pogo jumps can lead to having urinary incontinence in the pregnant women and you end up peeing in your trouser. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, tell your trainer that you cannot do this exercise and skip it. 

Improve Muscle Mass

Many women are more focused on losing fat and they don’t pay much attention to gaining muscles. Women normally grow up without having any sports in their lifestyle and that is one major reason for having less muscle mass in them. You might have noticed that many men can easily do at least 10 pushups whether they are habitual of going to the gym regularly or not. However, this is quite opposite of what women can do. Have you ever thought what is the reason behind this? Yes, women are psychologically bound to perform such a physical act. However, another major reason is the lack of base of muscles in their bodies. Now, if you are lucky enough to make your way to the gym, so overcome this lacking and focus on developing muscles as well. Don’t start it by overdoing the muscle training, but you should start with few repetitions of pushups and pullups. Then add in more strength training exercises with more protein in your diet. As the muscle mass increases, your body becomes stronger and tends to burn more fat. 


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