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Your smile is more than a set of pearly whites. It can improve your appearance and health. Studies have shown that smiling – even if it’s artificial – decreases cortisol, reducing stress. But given that most Australians are unhappy with their smiles, you’re probably not smiling as often as you should. That’s where cosmetic dentists can assist. Our purpose is to help you smile more.

A smile makeover is one of the best ways to do that. The makeover consists of several cosmetic dentistry operations that result in a smile that suits your aesthetic. If this is something you’re considering, these are steps you need to take to prepare for your smile makeover.

Consider What You Want From Your Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve a spectrum of results. While it’s possible to achieve celebrity bright pearly whites, you can also get something more subtle. It all depends on your preferences. But you won’t be left to make that decision alone. Relying on your cosmetic dentist, you’ll complete several consultations that will include taking photographs of your teeth now and providing a digital prototype displaying a before and after. That way, you get an idea of what your smile will look like before you commit to surgery.

Find An Expert Cosmetic Dentist

The first step to prepare for your smile makeover is to find a cosmetic dentist that uses the most advanced techniques and technology and whose work you admire. As the best cosmetic dentist in Perth, we use leading technology to ensure our clients achieve the outcome they desire.

While you may not think technology is that important to developing your new smile, if your cosmetic dentist is using outdated or limited technology, the results will differ vastly, usually leading to your smile appearing more outdated and not suitable to your face shape and smile.

Understand The Costs

Having a million-dollar smile won’t cost you a million dollars, but knowing the cost of the initial makeover and subsequent maintenance allows you to develop a budget that ensures you’re capable of preserving your new smile after the procedure. Given that many of the procedures initiated during a smile makeover require regular upkeep, planning for this expense extends your smile’s lifespan.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Although you’re in the process of getting a new smile, maintaining your existing teeth is still a must. Your teeth are the foundation that many of these procedures adhere to; as a result, they dictate the success of your cosmetic dentistry procedure. For that reason, while you await your smile makeover, you should maintain – or even improve your oral hygiene.

During the consultation with your cosmetic dentist, they’ll advise what you should do to maintain or improve your oral health before the procedure. Some of the most common tips include reducing your consumption of sugar and alcohol, regular brushing and flossing, and drinking plenty of water, as this helps preserve your teeth and gums before treatment.

Getting a smile makeover should not be daunting or include nasty surprises like receiving an erroneously high bill. On the contrary, if you select the best cosmetic dentist in your area, preparing will be straightforward, and the outcome and process far more enjoyable.


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