For some time now, we have done some considerable amount of research on the element that is quite crucial for us human beings, and that is testosterones. Many researchers have conducted experiments and what they found was that the hormone that was being neglected for an extended period, is actually of critical nature and have some miraculous characteristics. Following the initial researches, more advanced researches followed and gave us the truly detailed image of how testosterones are more than regular hormones.

However, not everyone would be motivated enough to read all those researches that were conducted regarding the testosterones, so we have studied all the relevant and most important researches that are viable to represent the importance of testosterones. So here are the top 10 benefits of having a higher level of testosterones in men.

  1. Increased Focus Levels And Memory

As you may already know that the brain and heart are connected to each other,and both are more depended on each other than on any other organ. Similarly, testosterones affect the heart first, and after that, it targets the brain.

According to research, a group of men (aged somewhere between 50- 80) was given shots of testosterones and placebos. The ones who was given the testosterones showed enhanced memory. Similarly, in another research, a group of Alzheimer patients was given testosterones, and cognitive function improvement was recorded.

  1. Lower Cholesterol Levels.

When your cholesterol level is low, it is implied that the testosterone levels are high. Whenever you intake such an element that promotes the development of testosterones, the pituitary gland signals the testicles to produce testosterones. The cholesterol is a vital ingredient in the making of testosterones, and as the testes increase the development of testosterones, the amount of cholesterol goes down.

  1. Stronger Heart

The heart is the most prominent muscle in our body and testosterones target intensely on muscles as they are used in strengthening and solidifying the existing muscles. That is also why testosterones strengthen the heart heavily and helps it in protecting itself and helping you making a mile more.

According to research, people who have Coronary artery disease suffers from having a low level of natural testosterone levels. After they had been injected with a high dose of testosterone, their arteries were dilated and the blood increased.

  1. Higher Energy Levels

Testosterones encourage higher oxygen in flow and out flow by increasing the quantity of Red Blood Cells. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying fresh oxygen in our body, and the process of carrying fresh oxygen from lungs to every part of your body can improve if the quantity of the carriers, that is, red blood cells increases, which means that all the organs will receive a sufficient amount of oxygen.

  1. Helps In Losing Weight.

By the age of 30 – 40, men usually start losing testosterones, which results in lower sexual activity and higher cholesterol levels. This increase in cholesterol level results in fatness. As cholesterol starts storing fat at a higher scale at this point and that is especially around the fat area. That is why it is very necessary for men at the age of 30 – 40 to take supplements such as Testo-Max, eat healthy and control cholesterol as testosterones do not only improve sex life, but they are responsible for carrying out many other functions as well.

  1. Makes You Alluring

Testosterone have their reputation as the main sex drive in a person, and it is not hyped up at all. As testosterones give you bigger muscles and also give you linear muscle cuts. Moreover, it also gives you sharper facial muscles, due to a reduction in the fat. That is not all; it is researched that testosterone also improves the smell of men as well. A group of researchers asked females which men they find most attractive,and most of them pointed to men who had higher testosterone levels.

  1. Increases The Life Span

It has a simple answer; higher testosterones comes with all the benefits for your body. It increases your heart’s performance, it benefits the brain in several ways, reduces cholesterol levels, increases fresh oxygen flow and many other things that are not mentioned. It also enhances your muscle strength means higher endurance when weight lifting or doing some other exercise, meaning long lasting health.

  1. Helps With Depression

According to a study conducted by the researchers at Harvard have stated that patients who were not responding to traditional anti-depression meds, most of them had lower level of testosterones,and when they were given a dose of testosterone, they reacted to it very rapidly and commented that they were feeling quite well after the treatment from testosterone.

  1. Increases Libido

It is true that by the age, you lose testosterone level and that results in low performance in bed. Many people think that it is because of only the aging factor and increase in fat levels. However, this can be changed by supplement of testosterones.

According to a study, a group of men was given shots of testosterones. All of them were somewhere between 40-70 and by the end of the test, there was significant in their libido.

  1. Improves Your Sleep Span Time.

Many old men suffer from sleep problems because of thelower level of testosterones. It has been recorded and comes out as a strange fact that longer sleep results in higher level of testosterones. It is recommended to sleep around 6-7 hours to have a higher level of testosterones. As sleeping lesser than 5 hours results in 10% lower testosterones level.


These are not the only reasons why a higher level of testosterone is better for men, there are much more reasons that are not recorded, official, or have importance lower than the ones mentioned above. The point is that there are numerous amount of benefits of testosterones that will improve your health, your social life as well as increase your agility and stamina.


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