Foods that Clean your Teeth

There are both good foods and bad foods for your teeth. While the former can help maintain your dental health, the latter is a sure-shot recipe of dental disaster. After all, our diet and food choices have a big effect on the health of our teeth and gums. It would be thus better if you could choose foods that not only clean your teeth but also fight off bacteria to help you maintain optimum dental health. Such items are not tough to find, and they are always available in your kitchen. You can include them in your diet and take a solid step forward towards healthy and disease-free teeth.

Here are foods that can clean your teeth and also prevent bacteria –Foods that Clean your Teeth

  1. Garlic

Don’t stop eating garlic thinking that it gives bad breath. It does but more than that, it brings benefits. Rather, you can include it in your diet and benefit greatly from its antimicrobial properties. That apart, eating garlic on regular basis can also help you counter the risk of periodontitis which is a serious gum infection. You can eat them raw or mix as an ingredient with your dishes for dental benefits.

  1. Apples

Eating apples are like scrubbing your teeth clean in a natural manner. This fruit is also known to increase saliva production in the mouth which can wash away food particles, plaque, and bacteria. What’s more, the malic acid found in apples is actually a popular ingredient of most toothpaste and you can see the obvious benefits. Start eating apples to keep the dentist away in a true sense.

  1. Pineapples

People have long been eating pineapples to whiten their teeth. The results have always been encouraging to say the least. The fruit has an enzyme, bromelain, which works like a natural stain remover. It can thus help break up the plaque on your teeth and keep them white and glowing. No other fruit on the planet contain this enzyme and you can thus benefit from it and keep your clean naturally clean.

  1. Onions

Eating onions can keep your teeth healthy and white. Because they contain sulfur compounds which help decrease bacteria. For ages, onions have been used or eaten for their antibacterial properties. You, however, should avoid cooking them else their anti-bacterial properties may be lost in the process. To benefit the most from them, try eating them raw and stay on top of your dental health.

  1. Ginger

Any food or spice with anti-inflammatory properties is good for your dental health and this very quality makes ginger a must-have in your regular diet. Most gum diseases are inflammatory conditions leading to issues with your bone and tissue in the mouth. You can use ginger to keep inflammation in check and maintain superior dental health. You can either use it as an ingredient to your foods or prepare hot tea for benefits.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are a magic vegetable when it comes to your dental health. You can just munch on them and keep your teeth healthy and clean. They help stimulate saliva and clean your mouth naturally. Plus, carrots are rich in vitamin A to provide strength to your tooth enamel. Eating them means you get the jaw working as well, which can help maintain dental health easily. So, include carrots in your diet and keep your teeth healthy.

  1. Cheese

Most dairy products are good for your dental health. Among them all, cheese is definitely the best for your keeping your teeth clean and healthy. It’s rich in minerals like calcium, protein and phosphorous, so can help neutralize acids in the mouth. These minerals not only ensure strength to bones but also help repair teeth. For that reason, you should include cheese in your regular diet and benefit from its properties.

  1. Blackberries

Your teeth won’t be clean and healthy if your gums are infected. You can eat blackberries and minimize the risks of periodontal infections. The fruit comes with anti-inflammatory benefits, can kill bacteria in your mouth and help clean your teeth. With blackberries, antibacterial properties will be there to help your teeth and gums remain healthy and disease free in a true sense. So, include it in your regular diet and maintain oral health.

  1. Water

Water is great for your dental health. It keeps the teeth clean by scrubbing away anything like food residue and plaque in the mouth. By drinking plenty of water, you can keep the mouth hydrated, prevent bad breath and keep the teeth white. With water, all the debris and bacteria are thrown out of your oral cavity. So, drink it more often and stay on top of your dental health. You can consult a dental surgeon and ask about dentures if some dental problems have made you lose one or more teeth of you.


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