Want to take your workouts to the next level? If yes, you should probably consider getting a wearable fitness tracker. Whatever workouts you are into; whether muscle and strength building or just simple aerobics, a fitness tracker will prove very helpful.

Among other things, wearable fitness trackers will help you monitor your heart rate, tell you how much calories you have burned, how many steps you have taken, etc. These gadgets have increasingly become popular over the past few years, especially among individuals doing muscle and strength workouts. Over the years, we have seen newer designs with newer features being introduced. 

In this post, we look at the top three wearable fitness trackers for 2019;

1. Fitbit Ionic-Best Fitness Tracker 2019

Fitbit produces among the best wearable fitness trackers in the market today, and they are looking to take the game to a higher notch with this Ionic. While it is similar to the Fitbit Surge Fitness tracker that saw a lot of success in 2018, there are a few noticeable differences and improvements.

Some of the outstanding features of this new fitness tracker include;
• Comes with a storage capacity for 300+ songs
• Faster GPS capacity
• Syncs with various Fitbit Accessories like Wireless earbuds
• Receive Smartphone Notifications

Among the obvious improvements on this Ionic fitness tracker are the redesigned display and watch band. The sizes of both the band and the display have been significantly reduced, so this product isn’t as bulky as its predecessor, the Fitbit Surge. There is also a color LCD which allows a seamless transition between apps. Fitbit also produces the “Fitbit One Wireless Tracker” which is reviewed in http://LifeToLiveIt.com.

This device has a much better battery life because unlike Fitbit Surge, it doesn’t have the Always-On function. It boats the latest heart-rate monitoring applications and sensors. It also comes with reminders to sleep and move monitoring, giving it a much better performance than most fitness trackers available today. Overall, this is a great device set to be among the top wearable fitness trackers in 2019.

• SmartTrack
• PurePulse
• 4-day battery life
• Wireless Syncing
• NFC payment chip

• Does not have the Always-On display function.

Price: Under $300

2. Best Garmin Forerunner 735XT

This is one the fitness trackers designed to do it all. Whether it is bike, sprint, run, tri, or swim, the Best Garmin Forerunner 735XT has everything covered. It definitely takes a top spot on the best wearable fitness trackers 2019 list as it offers new useful features such as swim and cycling workouts. According to Lifetoliveit.com, more and more people are searching for Smart Watches with features designed for swimming, cycling and running.

Some of its most outstanding features include;

• Live Tracking
• Elevate Heart Rate Technology 
• Advanced GPS Tracker
• Advanced Heart Rate Monitor
• Strava Live Suffer Score

Garmin Forerunner 735XT is designed with various features sure to give you an amazing experience. For instance, with its Live Track feature, your family and friends can monitor your location and movements in real time. They can even comment or send you a notification. 

There is also the Garmin Face It App which customizes the fitness tracker’s display to whichever photo from your phone. With Strava Live Suffer Score, you will be able to share your workouts and compare levels of intensity with, say, friends. These are just some of the many features that set this fitness tracker apart.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT comes with advanced heart rate monitoring that include VO2max estimate, running dynamics like stride length, ground contact time balance, race predictor, as well as, recovery advisor. It also includes lactate threshold and underwater heart-rate monitoring. Such a performance is greatly helpful to people who wish to lose fat fast, burn belly fat and even build lean muscle mass.

Its battery can last up to 14hours with GPS engaged. This is none hours longer than the Apple Watch 2 and Fitbit Surge Superwatch under the same condition.

– Connect IQ
– GPS tracking
– Real-time monitoring
– 5 ATM water resistant
– Customization

– Expensive
– Generic-looking watch band

Price: $350 on Amazon

3. Apple Watch 2

This fitness tracker for iPhones is designed for all your workouts. With it, you don’t even have to carry your iPhone; leave it at home, and you’ll still track your workout accurately. The big difference between Apple Watch 1 and 2 is that Series 1 is 50 meters water resistance and also features an incorporated GPS. These two features will meet the requirements of a modern and healthy lifestyle as according to fitness magazine Lifetoliveit GPS capabilities and swim activity tracking are very popular these days. 

Its key features include;
• Wireless Syncing
• Breathe App
• Heart Rate Sensor
• Health Application on iPhone
• Third-party Health Apps

The Apple Watch 2 comes with a 50-meter water resistant design which allows you to track your laps under water. Once you are done with whatever activity you were on, check your iPhone for such details as intensity, speed, distance, laps, heart rates, et cetera. These details are all constantly updated to the phone, meaning that the results are instantaneous.

Apple Watch 2 comes with several features that make its performance outstanding. For instance, with Airpods, you can wirelessly connect to the fitness tracker and stream music as you exercise. The device is compatible with Apple Watch Charging Dock. Once docked, Apple Watch 2 goes into Nightstand Mode automatically so you it can be used as an alarm clock.

– 5 ATM water resistant
– Receive calls and texts and respond
– Multitude of Applications
– Wireless Syncing

– Some users may find it bulky


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