Everybody hates to be bitten by insects, The bite’s effects may be different from an insect to other and depending on your skin and body reacting to it.And the bite from fire ants is one of the most painful bites ever.

I will try to inform you about the best essential oils to use when bitten by a fire ant. Essential oils are the best method to reduce the symptoms. Also, they may help you to get rid of the itching. In fact, I believe that essential oils are the best choice when it comes to bugs bites.

Fire Ants?

Fire ants look like normal ants but they are bigger ( about quarter of an inch). And the color range from red to brown makes them easy to be spotted. They build the nests in grassy areas. If you walked over a nest. I advise you to start running or you will get real bad bites.

In those nests, thousands of ants can be found. Each one of them can sting many times at a lightning speed. So if it happened and you find yourself near one of their nests. just go away in a hurry.

How to know the Fire Ant Bite

Mostly, you will see the fire ant right when it bites you. Because that bite is very painful that will steal your attraction right away. Most of the time there is more than one ant that causes more than one bite.

The bite’s place hurts and will lead to a very itchy spot. You have to start reacting as soon as you are bitten, trying to slow the swelling down and to get a lower irritation. IF the bites became larger and you started to feel ill. You better seek medical treatment as soon as possible. You may be suffering from an allergic reaction.

Bitten By A Fire Ant, Here is What to DO

Fire Ants can sting more than one as long as it is possible. So don’t panic if you found many bites near each other.

The human reaction to the bite can vary from person to another. If anyone has an allergic reaction. Medical care should be called right away. But many people will just feel an inflamed lump, small itchy, And sometimes forming a blister in the next day.

Things to do once you notice the bites:

  • Clean the spot with antiseptic wash.
  • Never scratch the bite.
  • Mix some carrier oil with one of the suggested essential oils that is shown below.
  • Use the oil at the bite’s spot using gentle Massaging motion.
  • Stop touching the bites.

In an hour or so, you should start feeling better at the bites spot. in a day should have a much lower effect now. You can use essential oil again if you are not feeling comfortable yet.

Best Essential Oils for Fire Ants Bites

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is perfect for every skin. IT will reduce the itching and get a less red-colored bite. Also, it is repelling insects. Few drops mixed with Carrier oil as fractionated coconut oil is perfect.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Maybe you and I find the aroma of the peppermint lovely. But for the ants it is awful. And also it very useful for treating areas of skin that have bites. its cooling effect reduces the itching to the max.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil is a very helpful oil that you should add you your oil collection for many uses. one of this uses is to get rid of itching and burning sensation of the fire ants bite.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

It is not only useful for fire ants bit. But it is very good for overall skin care. Tea tree Essential oil helps to get rid of all kind of skin problems. it has a strong smell that can keep insects away. you should use it when camping.

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme has a very good effect to make you feel better from the burning and itching bites. it is also very useful for people that suffer worse than normal effects from bites.

How to use Essential Oils Safely

People can use a drop of the oils directly on the skin. Where the bite is, it can be very effective. But oils are concentrated substances, They may cause an irritation if used directly.

You should use a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil for more safety. You will get every benefit out of the oil with no risk. Learn more here.

Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use the oils. Also, children cannot use it. If you have any concerns you should always ask a doctor before using.

In Summary

If you are trying to collect essential oils for fire ants bite or any other bites. I suggest that you should check the oils that never causes any skin sensitivity problem. Also if you have to use the oil right away from someone that is bitten. you should mix it with some carrier oil.

Essential oils are a great and natural way to treat many health problems, especially when it comes to skin problems. It is way better and safer than the chemical creams and sprays.

Ahmed Wagdy

Ahmed Wagdy, A Python developer, Writing about technology and digital marketing. Also making reviews of new technology gadgets and software. Founder of : www.townoftech.com


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