Increasing the effectiveness of your workouts, creating a well-organized plan, and diverting your focus off the unimportant things can surely lead to better results in a shorter period of time. Just to make it clear – exercise is not an exact science. You are not obliged to spend hours at the gym in order to get leaner, fitter, stronger, and plain good looking. One should put effort into physical activities to improve overall health, but what if your efforts are actually working against you? There are certain small imbalances and flaws that you perhaps do not notice, but which make a difference in your workout strategy. This is what you can do to maximize your workout results.

Your comfort zone is your enemy

Every time you perform an exercise for the first time, you feel muscle soreness the next day. It is your body’s natural reaction to coping with new movements, because it wants to learn every new move and master it as fast as possible. Therefore, if nothing in your workout routine changes, muscle soreness dissolves over time. Do not get too comfortable with your exercises because they will stop doing you any good and will bore you. The goal is to get better from a workout and keep improving your workout routine. Do more repetitions, use more weight, and demand more from yourself while working out. If one more repetition on a gym machine will mean improvement, than it is exactly what you should do.

Remind yourself of the health benefits

There are more people who work out to improve their body image, than those who exercise to improve their overall health. However, you should remind yourself that you will greatly improve your health in the long run if you exercise properly. Having looks as your sole motivator is not bad, but thinking about your health will bring additional motivation. Remember to not only change your fitness routine, but also to include all the necessary vitamins and nutrients in your diet as well: nutrients such as organic calcium, magnesium, fibers and whole grains will help your fitness goals along without you even noticing.

Have a 30-40 minute workout limit

The benefit of working out is not as great after doing it for 30-40 minutes. Thus, even if you really want to get a lot out of your workout, the truth is that it is better to exercise for a shorter amount of time at a higher intensity. Otherwise, you will find yourself spending too much time working out, gaining no significant benefits. Too much exercise can do you more harm than good.

Mix things up

Sticking to the same exercise routine for too long means that you will not be getting an effective workout because your body will adjust to the same stress levels. For cardio, you should cross train, and for strength training, you should change your routine every 10-15 days. By combining unexpected disciplines and mixing up your workout routine, you will have a great workout that will give better results. Balance kick box training with some ballet, or if you like to swim regularly than throw in a class of pilates here and there, or integrate running and yoga in your weekly plan.

Pick cardio you enjoy

Healthy exercise and fitness makes the best blend when mixed with fun. When you perform an exercise you hate, you will not be able to keep it up for very long. Pick something fun like biking, walking, running, swimming, rowing, or hiking. After you get used to the exercise, you will start looking forward to it and have a blast.

Take fitness outside the box

If you feel like skipping the gym, then do it. There is no reason not to work out outside, on a fresh and sunny day. Try bodyweight exercises if you have no equipment, go for a run, or take an outside yoga class. You can also create a home gym with a resistance band, a jump rope, a kettlebell and a set of dumbbells. Fit a workout in anytime and anywhere, but know what you are doing and make a workout plan. Schedule your workout sessions by yourself or get help from an experienced personal fitness trainer.

Workout results will reach their maximum once you understand how your body functions and what it needs. Knowing that 2 hours of high-intensity training will not bring more results than the same training performed for 40-60 minutes, will save you time and energy. Blending your workouts with fun exercises and cross training are just some of the ways to get better and faster workout results. And remember, it all starts in your head. Train wisely and keep motivating yourself.


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