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CBD oil has become very popular in recent years. Did you know that you can also use CBD as a dietary supplement? Not to combat certain health complaints or conditions, but rather to prevent you from becoming ill.

It is therefore used by a lot of people to remedy various complaints. Thus, it reduces stress and helps you sleep better. You may also wonder: Does CBD Support Weight Loss? And that is also the case, of course you still have to pay close attention to your diet, but it is certainly a good addition.

The influence of CBD

It is becoming easier to explain that CBD has such a positive influence on our body. This is because more research is being done into the active substances in cannabis, called cannabinoids. And as a result, it is becoming increasingly clear about the special cooperation of these components from the cannabis plant with our body. Briefly summarized, this collaboration works as follows.

The cannabinoids in cannabis such as CBD, but also THC and CBN are very similar to the endo-cannabinoids that our body produces. These are substances in the body that are part of a mechanism called the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) ; an enormously important system for the proper functioning of our body.

This extraordinary collaboration between the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and the ECS was discovered not so long ago. But it has now become clear that when you administer cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, you stimulate a biological matrix that promotes the health of body and mind.

Benefits of CBD oil?

There is a lot of information about CBD on the internet and sometimes you wonder what is and is not correct about losing weight through CBD oil. That is why we have listed for you why it can help you lose weight.

Suppress hunger with CBD

People who are overweight in particular often suffer from a feeling of hunger. This is partly due to the hormone Ghrelin. This hormone makes you feel hungry, so that you start eating. In some people this happens quickly, causing them to eat too much and become overweight. CBD oil can help with this, it influences this hormone so that you are less hungry.

CBD reduces stress

One of the main reasons people Buy CBD Oil UK is to reduce stress. This is another reason why CBD can help with weight loss. For many people, stress and overeating go hand in hand. When people experience stress, they start to eat more, the so-called ‘stress eaters’. It is therefore important for them to suppress stress so that they eat less.

Its influence on metabolism

Another important part of CBD is that it affects metabolism. Various studies have shown that this has a positive effect. By taking CBD oil you burn fat more easily, especially the bad fat. This is partly because proteins are stimulated that ensure that fat is burned. So it also has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Better sleep through CBD

Just as some people gain weight due to stress, this is also the case with poor sleep. Many people with sleeping problems are overweight. Poor sleep can also influence the amount of stress. So it all has to do with each other. CBD oil can of course help perfectly with this, many people use it to sleep better.


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