Adaptogens are essentially the name used to categorize the ingredients which can help your adrenal system function better. The adrenal system is in charge of the management of your body’s hormonal working. They are used to help you in tackling stress and fatigue related issues gradually over a period of time. They are better than their purely medical alternatives simply because there are no side-effects and no chances of the user suffering from a crash or disorder. From the name, it can be discerned that Adaptogens can adapt to the kind of mental problem being faced by the user, and help him/her in the process. To know the best Adaptogens available in the market, is a reliable source available online. To understand the working of Adaptogens, the following areas need to be explored.

Stress Modulation

Our responses to physical and emotional stress are modulated by the neuroendocrine and immune systems inside the body which are interconnected. This stressed system inside our body is regulated by the performance of metabolic regulators such as HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) which support the adrenal function in the neuroendocrine system, resulting in the contraction of the adverse effects of stress. These actions also help in minimizing any long term losses that might surface as a result of prolonged stress, and prepare our bodies for adaptive responses to them.

Adaptogens also maintain homeostatis in times of chronic stress by regulating the body’s adaptive reactions. Their impact is amphoteric which can reduce hyperactivity and hypoactivity in the nervous system, blood-sugar metabolism and mitochondrial functions. This is also directly linked with the normalization of body temperature and production of the hormone cortisol. Finally, the natural defense systems stimulated by these adaptogens through the enhancement of resistance in the body helps in promoting qualities related to health such as resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions (pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals, noise etc.).

Impact on health

Adaptogens strengthen the body by allowing cells in the body access to what is known as ‘adaptive energy’. This basically means that they work to protect your energy from depleting unnecessarily. This anabolic effect is the reason why adaptogens are extremely important for people involved in athleticism as well as for aging bodies as muscles start to become weaker.

These adaptogens work at the cellular level as powerful antioxidants which protect these cells from free radical damage. The cells use ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as their source of energy, and research has been showing that the use of adaptogens is resulting in the enhancement of the activity of cellular ATP. It also positively impacts mitochondrial energy production which is necessary for physical strength.

These adaptogens also provide support to the liver which in turn produces glucose for cellular energy. The use of adaptogens for health concerning the liver enhances its vitality and helps in the removal of toxins from the body.

The magical effect of adaptogens, however, is the slowing of biological aging process simply by reducing physiological aging factors, most significantly stress and oxidation. Adaptogens help in reducing the wearing out of the body which reduces the inflammation which leads to free radical formation which can potentially damage the body. This is essentially why they are used as natural age longevity supplements.

Brain and Body interaction

It has been sufficiently established by scientists that the mind plays an important role for curing and manifesting any disease. The effect of adaptogens is chemical in nature, on the body and on the mind, which is why they are able to regulate and balance intricate connections between the mind and the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system inside the body. The regulation of all three systems results in the balancing of both emotional and physical health.

The mind is as strong as the body, if not more, and regardless of scientists and researchers who are aiming to prove things otherwise, it has been sufficiently established that positive thinking is a great help to you. This can be seen majorly in the company around a person; a good, communicative and socially positive and bright gathering induces positivity in the person, and the adaptogens merely enhance this positivity that can make you feel better emotionally and physically in the long run.

Safe Nature

When it comes to pharmaceutical drugs such as adaptogens, there is always a big question of whether the product works or not circling the user’s mind. An herbal adaptogen, however, is free from all major levels of toxicity, which makes it much safer than any alternatives. This safety is compromised only when the basic law of overusing is applied, because it is at the end of the day a medicine and it should be understood that taking in more of it than the prescribed dose will not improve the rate at which you will start feeling better, but it can result in more adverse effects.


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