Whey Supplement

The most popular use of whey protein supplements is to bolster your muscle’s mass and strength. This is the precise reason why whey is such a popular supplement amongst athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and basically anyone who is looking to improve their physique.

There are a number of ways whey protein can aid muscle and strength development. This includes:

1) Foundation blocks

Whey protein delivers both protein and amino acids to your body, and both are crucial nutrients as these functions as the foundation for the development of muscle tissues.

2) Hormones

Whey protein aids in the release of anabolic hormones such as insulin inside your body. This is crucial since this stimulates the growth and development of your muscles.

3) Leucine

Whey protein has a high concentration of the amino acid called leucine, which is known to promote muscle protein synthesis at the molecular as well as at the genetic level.

4) Quick absorption

Compared to other kinds of protein, whey is easily absorbed by your body and is made use of just as quickly.

So, is there a particular time when whey protein should be ingested? Several studies have indicated that whey protein is predominantly effective when it is taken right before, after or even in the middle of your workout. Muscle protein synthesis is usually at its peak during that crucial time period immediately after training.

But, a recent examination of evidence has also led experts to conclude that one of the most relevant factors in muscle growth and development is the total protein intake that a person has each and every day. The same experts stated that it does not really matter at all whether whey protein is consumed around the time of the workout.

How does whey protein fare when ranged against other types of protein such as soy or casein. Against soy protein, studies have shown that whey protein performed somewhat better but not by a whole lot. Against casein, it is a mixed bag as whey was seen to be effective in the short-term.

In addition, you should also remember that unless your daily intake grossly lacks protein, adding whey protein would have a negligible effect on your body. This claim was backed by a 12-week study wherein older people that had sufficient protein intake that did resistance training saw very little muscle growth even after ingesting whey protein on a consistent basis.

If your personal goal is to really increase your muscle size and strength, then you should seriously consider the Dymatize 100 Whey Isolate. This product actually features naturally-occurring amino acids that help support your muscles during intense resistance training sessions and other rigid fitness training regimens.

Known for its world-class quality and purity, the Dymatize 100 Whey Isolate is produced with 100% whey protein isolate that delivers a quick digesting and absorbent protein that has zero grams of sugar and only a gram of fat.


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