Dr. Guyenet, suggested that there are many cellular functions behind the Leptin Resistance;


The signals of inflammation in the brain (hypothalamua) is actually an important cause of the leptin resistance in both humans as well as animals.

Free Fatty Acids in Body

Having highly elevated free fatty acids in the body’s blood stream is another cause increase in fat metabolites in your brain and interference in the leptin signaling.

Elevated Levels of Leptin

Having high leptin levels is another cause of leptin resistance.

Much of these factors can cause obesity, forming the vicious cycle to make you fatter and increase the leptin resistant after some time.

The Science Behind Reversing Leptin Resistance

The best is to look into mirror if you want to know that you are or aren’t leptin resistant. If you have lot of fat, particularly in belly area, then for sure you are leptin resistant. The best way to avoid or reverse leptin resistance is to reduce diet induced inflammation. For this you can do several things;

Avoid preserved or processed food

Highly processed, preserved or packaged food are junk and they may compromise the integrity of your gut and therefore causes inflammation.

Only Eat Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber are helpful to improve your gut health and therefore it keeps obesity at bay.

Regular Exercise

Exercises and other physical activities help you to reverse your leptin resistance


Poor sleep or Sleep deprivation is also associated with the problems in leptin

Low Triglycerides

High blood triglycerides prevent the transportation of leptin from blood stream to brain. Reduce carbohydrates intake to lower the level of triglycerides.

Eat Lean Protein

Eat plenty of protein to cause natural weight loss. However lean protein is best. It also improve leptin sensitivity. For women really serious about their body physique must try Venus Factor.

Although all above steps seems to the common things to be followed to have a good health, they aren’t so much simple to follow. You need to eat real whole foods, maintain healthy gut, exercise and sleep well and the like. These all are actually all lifelong endeavors you need through drastic change in your lifestyle.

Obesity isn’t because of laziness, greed or lack of willpower. It is because of biochemical forces driven by environmental changes and western diet. The reality is whenever such diet goes, chronic diseases and obesity follows. Not because such diet turns peoples into sloths and gluttons, but because it changes our body’s biology in a manner which changes our overall behavior.


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