CrossFit Grips

Over the past few years, CrossFit has become the exercise regime of choice for many people around the world, with CrossFit ‘boxes’ popping up all over the place. Crossfitters pride themselves on training harder than anyone else, and sometimes employ unconventional methods to reach their strength and fitness gals.

This requires a special kind of gear that’s become synonymous with this style of training. We’ll let you in on some of the essential gear that you need to bring with on your Crossfit training sessions.

What Gear to Bring

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are meant to strengthen your wrists while you’re training and they’re available in two different varieties; elastic and non-elastic. The latter variety is ideal for performing stints like jerks, handstand push-ups and general push-ups, whereas elastic wrist wraps come with a handy thumb straps to make sure that the wrap stays in place.

CrossFit shoes

If you think you’re going to do Crossfit while wearing your usual trainers, think again. Seeing a gap in the market, popular shoe brands like Nike,Crossfit Emerge and Reebok have created specialized CrossFit shoes that specifically cater to this style of training.

The most important thing is to wear a solid shoe with a tough and undulating sole, as well as limited cushion.

That’s really all you need to keep you grounded and balanced as you switch from different training modalities, like heavy lifting and burpees for example.

Knee wraps or sleeves

Elastic knee wraps are designed with stretchy neoprene sleeves that make it easy for it to fit the under your pants, while the non-elastic variety can easily be tied over your pants or your knees if you’re wearing shorts.

Whichever ones you pick, knee wraps are indispensable when performing those demanding squats.

Lifting Shoes

Thanks to their tough heels, lifting shoes are designed to facilitate better squat precision, while still being able to transition to more dynamic exercises like a box jump.

By giving your heel a bit of a lift, these shoes will also give you added flexibility on your ankles, which essentially transforms your squat from ordinary to extraordinary. The hard soles will also help you to allocate power more efficiently from your legs, and they’re a very popular option among professional weightlifters.

Tall socks

Not too long ago, tall socks were considered a workout gear staple among Crossfitters. Although the trend seems to be less popular lately, long socks are still very efficient at keeping your shins protected from the barbels, and you can jump and run around in them comfortably.

Athletic tape

Admittedly, CrossFit training can be absolutely brutal, especially on the hands. That’s why you need athletic tape to keep your hands from ripping when doing pull-ups. Putting the tape on will also strengthen your hands over time.

You’ll also find athletic tape to be very useful for use in a slippery bar or to keep your thumbs sharp when hook-gripping.

Jump rope

Jump rope is an indispensable feature of your CrossFit gear, and the more you practice on your double unders, the faster you’ll progress towards your goal. There are different types of jump ropes and each comes with its own swing and rhythm.

The goal is to acquaint yourself with the particular rope swing and jumping rhythm of your particular rope so that you can perfect your double under skill. Also, it’s worth investing in your own jump rope because you’ll probably get a different rope everytime you go to the gym, which will make it harder for you to learn the double under.

Essentially, it’s best to experiment with different ropes only after you’ve perfected a particular rope, plus working with only one rope will enable you to learn much faster.

Foam roller

As a CrossFitter, you’ll benefit greatly from having your own foam roller. Then you can use it even when you’re out of the gym and at home to workout those knots (myofascial release), promote mobility and facilitate faster post-workout recovery.

There are two different foam roller lengths available; a full-length roller for use at home and a more portable half-length roller that you can pack into your gym bag for use at the gym.


Crossfit is undoubtedly one of the most popular yet demanding training regimes around, so it makes sense that it would require its own gear. As you can see, items like athletic tape, long socks, specialized shoes, knee wraps and even chalk, can all play a huge role in maximizing your performance.

CrossFit Grips


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