Purchasing any machinery, particularly for the kitchen, is not easy at all. Most of us fail to get our hands on an ideal machinery because we do not like to do some homework before investing our money. Every machine has certain features, the presence or absence of which in any company’s model make it worth our money.  For example, juicer. It’s easier to spend money on any juicer than opening its box & using it. One might end up stuck with a machine that is only good at doing one specific task. Always prefer multitask offering machine, even if it demands from you five dollar more. Here are few things that you must consider before buying a juicer:

1):- What fruits or vegetables or greens do you plan to juice?: You need to try & determine broadly what percentage of each of the following do you desire to juice – Citrus Fruits, Soft Fruits, Harder Fruits, Leafy Greens & Vegetables. Keeping in view all the amazing variety of produce that our mother nature gives unfortunately finding a juicer that is designed to excel at all of the above is bit tough. It is necessary to broadly  determine what you primarily plan on juicing as this is going to heavily influence the best juicer choice as per your requirements. Check MyJuicer. They have a huge reliable variety of juicers.

2):- High juice yield and dry pulp: You must focus on juice yield. It is a critical way to know the quality & effectiveness of any juicer. If you are going to look online, you will see lots of videos comparisons showing how effective various juicers are at juicing exactly the same quantities of produce. Opt a juicer that assures to extract all nutrients & juice from your fruit or veggie & nothing goes in waste.

3):- Your Budget: Like lots of things in life we get what we pay for , the same rule applies when it is about juicers. Typically, as the price goes up the performance of the juicer automatically goes up. With a bit higher price, there comes higher juice yield, more features, an easier to clean product, desirable warranty and in  most of cases a far more ascetically appealing product. If one has plan to make juicing the main part of the diet & health regime, it is recommended that one must not be skimping on the price, lots of folks commence off juicing by  purchasing a cheap centrifugal juicer for less than £100. This is actually false economy; you may become disheartened quickly with so much efforts involved in complying the juicer, the large amount of waste & poor quality of juice & the juicer & in turn the juicer becomes another kitchen gadget gathering dust or worse breaks down within no time. If you’re willing to spend £200+, you’ll get a high quality juicer that should last you at least a decade.

4):- Warranty: Juicers come with various warranties, you are going to see that most high speed centrifugal juicers usually come with only 1 to 5 year warranties as the motors can burn out, while on the other hand masticating juicers come with at least substantial 10 year plus domestic warranties on the motor & more than 5 year warranties on the parts. You need to assure by checking where warranties are serviced & what the warranties do & do not cover.

5):- Additional features & Accessories: Lots of juicers now come with a huge range of food processing features. Like, lots of them can now make oils, ice creams, nut butters, sorbets, pasta, crush ice & even coffee. They can can make soy & almond milk & a host of other grinding & mincing features. You must keep an eye out in the product descriptions as well. You must see what accessories come with the juicers & if accessories can be ( – whether given or not – ) attached. If so, you can purchase them separately (if required).


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