Drug Detoxification

If you’re going to get clean and sober, the first step is getting the drug out of your system and that’s where detox comes in. It isn’t about passing a drug test for work; it’s about changing your life for the better and being free. It’s not easy to decide to stop using drugs. Whether it’s alcohol, prescription drugs or pot, it’s never easy to make that first step. But the first step is the most important decision of your life.

Once you decide to quit using, you have several options. You can try to do it alone or at least at home or join an addiction treatment center in San Francisco Bay Area. You can go to an emergency room and seek medical help that way. I would say going it alone at home is the hardest one. You won’t have access to the medicines that will help ease the detox process and you won’t have the 24-hour assistance that you might need.

I understand why people choose to detox at home. You want to kick without anyone knowing that you ever had a problem. Or you don’t have health insurance. Or you’re scared to ask for help. All that is understandable, but I’m here to tell you that the best way to get clean and stay clean is with medical help.

The best way to ensure that you succeed is recovery from drug addiction is by getting medical help as you detox and then following that up with regular counseling sessions. If you can accomplish it, you really, really only want to detox once. Every time you try to detox and kick after the first one, it gets harder. It’s not fair, but it’s true. As your brain reacts to the chemicals leaving your system, it fights back. The detox symptoms are more painful. The cravings for the drug are more persistent. That’s only two examples of the kindling effect. It’s a really rotten situation so avoid it by ensuring that your detox and recovery are successful.

Depending on what’s going on with your life, you might decide that going to an emergency room is your best bet. You might also end up in the emergency room the way lots of people do; your friends take you there because you’ve overdosed. What matters is that you’re there and you stay there.

You’ve made it. You’ve climbed a huge mountain and here you are at the top. Now, the trick is to stay sober. You have to realize that the drugs were just part of the problem. You are the other part. The drugs aren’t in your system anymore, but you’re still you. That’s why you need support. Counseling, 12-step programs, sober living facilities, maybe a combination of all three, will help you change the patterns that you’ve laid down until now.

People don’t become addicts overnight. It is a slow journey of choice after choice. The road back to sobriety is not so different. Each day you wake up and choose to stay clean. It’s both that simple and that hard. Going to a meeting every night will help. At the beginning, you might be going to a few meetings a day! Slowly, you find that you need a meeting once a week. As you rebuild your life, you’ll make new friends and find new activities to replace the daily drama of being a drug addict.


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