When it comes to staying fit in the winter, you’re faced with a number of challenges. First, there’s binge eating and comfort food. Second, there’s the bad weather and dark nights that sap your motivation. Finally, there’s the lure of social events and alcohol. These all combine to make working out in the winter a chore at the best of times.

Staying motivated can be hard – but we’ve got some tips to help your winter bulk succeed.

Keep your vitamin levels up

When the dark nights roll in, you’ll find it hard to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D. This is a vital nutrient your body needs in order to succeed though. Not only does vitamin D contribute to stronger bones and increases muscle function, deficiency can cause severe problems. Top up your levels by adding a Vitamin D supplement to your diet throughout the winter months.

Eat to succeed

Eating through the winter means fending off your craving to just order a takeaway and enjoy junk food. It means meal prep, warm food and a good understanding of basic nutrition. For someone looking to build muscle, you’ll have to combine lean protein sources with wholegrain carbohydrates.

Ensure you’re getting plenty of vegetables into your diet, which can be tough in the winter when they seem unappetising. To make them more palatable, roast veg in a tray and reheat it for lunch.

It’s also worth supplementing your diet with protein powder.Whether you’re enjoying a post workout shake or stirring it into desserts to make protein brownies, you’ll need the extra protein to pack on mass.

Work out in your home

When it’s cold, it’s hard to have the motivation to hit the gym on a regular basis. This can lead to laziness which will carry over week on week, month on month until suddenly it is summer and you’re out of the routine. Staying in the gym is a matter of commitment, but any days you choose to skip it should be replaced by a simple home workout. For example, the following routine will help with your muscle building program without you ever leaving the home:

  • 3 x 12 Press Ups
  • 3 x 12 Tricep Dips (use a chair for support)
  • 3 x 12 Wide Arm Press Ups
  • 3 x 12 Pull Ups (Use a pull up bar)
  • 3 x 20 Jump Squats

You probably won’t quite get the same results as if you’d been to the gym, but it’s a good way to fit a session in without feeling guilty that you skipped a workout.

Ultimately, staying fit in the winter is a matter of motivation. You’ll have to allow yourself a weekly cheat meal and then move on without feeling guilty – otherwise you’ll end up having junk food regularly. Stay on track by reminding yourself of your goal and the reason you started working out. By getting truly dedicated to your workouts, you’ll outlast winter and start the summer shred better than ever.


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