Muay Thai

You have probably heard about Muay Thai. It is taught in many different gyms and martial arts schools all over the world and becoming more and more popular every passing year. That is because more people than ever are now becoming aware of the importance of being healthy, losing weight, and maintaining a good level of fitness. Moreover, Muay Thai is currently among the top martial arts, not only in Thailand but in other countries as well.

Muay Thai is not only a sport to lose weight and become stronger. It is not only a self-defense sport to disarm and intimidate your adversary. It is much more than that and has many different health benefits, including improvements in your cardiovascular profile, improved immunity, and hormonal control, and various mental health benefits for both children and adults, men and women.

Starting with weight control, Muay Thai is known to improve body composition, meaning that you will increase your muscle mass without looking bulky and reduce your weight without ending up skinny and fragile. It is a good combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, using bodyweight, stretch exercises, and helping you achieve better control over your own body. Thus, it is the perfect choice if you want to lose weight and look your best while having fun in the process.

Another health benefit associated with Muay Thai is better cardiovascular health. That includes improving hypertension, reducing atherosclerosis, controlling the levels of lipids in the blood, and reducing systemic inflammation. All of this contributes to reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke, and it helps your body increase stamina to be able to work for a longer time and heavier weights each time. You will get more efficient and healthier every passing day.

Your metabolic health will also improve, and many people with diabetes have found that doing intense exercise is a good way to control their blood sugar along with medications and a careful diet. In this regard, your insulin sensitivity will improve, which means that this hormone will get better in performing its own function. At the same time, your levels of stress -and the blood levels of the stress hormone- will start lowering down as you adapt to this discipline and drain your negative energies in learning something constructive.

Finally, we mentioned mental health benefits, and it is quite impressive how Muay Thai gym in Phuket improves people’s mood and lifestyle. It is a good way to fight depression and anxiety and a good place to meet interesting people with a positive approach to life and goals. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and it is the destination for tourist.

If you’re interested in learning this fantastic discipline, there’s a way to do it with native masters from Thailand. All over the country, there are many training camps available for you to leave something useful back to your home country. So, don’t wait anymore and join us in our Muay Thai training camps at   to try yourself all of these health benefits and more.


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