How to Get Rid of Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine Addiction
Cocaine has been used prolifically within the United States for many years now, and since its insurgence into society in the late 1800s, it has ebbed and flowed in popularity, seeing its last large resurgence in the 1980s. Cocaine addiction is serious and deadly. Upon using cocaine, the user...

Most Common Assumptions About Addiction

Assumptions About Addiction
Those who feel that addiction is a “disease” are following The Disease Model of Addiction. This model has been developed by groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous to lead individuals to believe that all addiction is completely biological addiction. Once an addiction is formed, there is nothing the addict will be able to...

What is Fertility – ADONIS Fertility Clinic

Fertility is the main indicator of a person's ability to procreate. But in some cases, there are different problems with the ability to conceive a child naturally (even after one year of unprotected intercourse).  ADONIS Fertility International for more than 23 years successfully identified infertility causes and their treatment. 

Why does Drug Detoxification Matter in Addiction Treatment?

Drug Detoxification
If you're going to get clean and sober, the first step is getting the drug out of your system and that's where detox comes in. It isn't about passing a drug test for work; it’s about changing your life for the better and being free. It's not easy to decide to stop...

What is a Functional Alcoholic?

Functional Alcoholic
Is it possible to be an alcoholic and still a functional member of society with a job and a family? Opinions are split on the questions; let's take a look at what might qualify someone as a functional alcoholic. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to defining an...